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Quality Assured Amharic Translators
Language is a living thing it develops and changes constantly. To ensure our translators keep abreast of the language. Our Amharic translators live in county and translate into their mother tongue. Our database of translators ensures that we can guarantee you a fast turnaround, even on large documents with short deadlines.

LOJ Translation Offers:

Amharic to English translations

  • Birth Certificates
  • Driving Licenses
  • Government Documents
  • Other official or non official Amharic documents
  • Newspaper articles
  • Radio programs
  • Personal correspondence

English to Amharic translations

  • Government Brochures and documents
  • Educational materials
  • Health Brochures
  • Legal Brochures and documents
  • Marketing, packaging and advertising materials
  • Medical and pharmaceutical documents

The Best Amharic translation to help your business grow
We have only one level of translation service - The Best.
The Best service means:

We stick to our promises.
You'll only ever pay the price on our quote.
We're honest and open with our customers.
We don't cut corners, every project gets our total attention.
So, whether you have one or one hundred translations done, you will always receive consistent top quality translation.

Top quality personal Amharic translation
"It's too small for us, you'll need to speak to someone else", is what most Amharic translation companies will say, when you ask them to help you with your important letter, certificate or document.

We are more than happy to help you. You will receive the same high quality Amharic translation service as all our customers. Your translation will be completed on time and at a reasonable price.


Download Amharic Font
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2.Download font
3.View Amharic script


Convert Ethiopian Calendar
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Convert Ethiopian Calendar

Each Amharic translation can be  delivered in PDF, JPG and Word files with Ethiopic Fonts.

LOJ translators and interpreters adhere to translation codes of ethics. Our Translators and Interpreters adhere to accuracy: terminology, meaning and style; confidentiality: non-disclosure of any information supplied by clients and competence: linguistic and technical ability to produce a quality translation taking into account cultural values of both Ethiopia and America.

Reliable English to Amharic translation services
Only professional translators whose native language is Amharic perform our English to Amharic translation. They live in country and will only translate materials they have proven experience translating.

The best Amharic to English translation available!

Professional translators whose native language is English and speak fluent Amharic perform our Amharic to English translation. They will live in the target country and will only translate materials they have prior proven experience with.

For a look at the Amharic Alpha bet characters of the Fidel and how to easily learn them with Sound & Graphics, then just click below:

Learn the Amharic Alpha betLearn the Amharic Alpha bet. Also available is the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Version of Our Father Prayer in Amharic with Audio click here:

Our Father Prayer in AmharicOur Father Prayer in Amharic.