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L.O.J. School of H.I.M. Part I & II CD Series
LOJ SCHOOL OF H.I.M.   L.O.J. School of H.I.M. Part I & II DOUBLE CD Set

HEAR HIS VOICE, HARDEN NOT YOUR HEARTS!!! This double CD set features two exclusive interviews of the KING OF KINGS of ETHIOPIA: HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, HAILE SELLASSIE I, the LION OF JUDAH speaks on HIS FAITH and the True TEACHINGS of the ANOINTED, the CHRISTOS: YEHOSHUWA HA-MOSHIYACH. Double CD set includes H.I.M. Visit to Canada 1967, the Lutheran Interview with His Majesty during Ethiopian Christ-Birth - January 1968, H.I.M. speaks and teaches on the True Faith, the Holy Bible and valuable Messages to the Youth and all people of Today!! Also features never before heard Ethiopian Roots Reggaeton preview tracks composed & voiced by H.H. Ras Iadonis Tafari on the And Ethiopia - LOJ Churchical dub label. Learn The Truth For Yourself! Don't Believe The Lies And Half-Truths Spread By Ignorant So-Called "Rastas" And Imposters.... Before It's Too Late! Get It Today, Share The Goodnews With Your Loved Ones! Now Is The Time... FREE AUDIO LESSONS ON CD Free Will Offering (Deuteronomy 16:10) Just $30.00 for packaging and handling.

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