orginally drafted 2/26/07
Selamta to Fellow EWF pending Bored ;-) Executives/ Council Members:
We have had an opportunity recently to follow-up on some of the e-mails that were communicated by brother Ronald regarding various points and issues of interest that we would like to address further, hopefully after an equitble and amicable resolution of the court case appeals etc. Yet due to Dr. Robinson's recent emergency hospital calls we were unable to formerly attend in person the hearings and motions recently.  However, we have communicated a word in favour of our certified Executive Council 2006/07 to the Judge's attention in hopes of supporting the on-going activities that our coalition has been blessed to achieve over the past few weeks in our meetings, dialogue and 'unfinished business'.  We are confident in the victory of the truth and the right, may we continue to be positive in our co-operation together.  Sister Fanaye has reached JA and is currently ministering to the needs of the community that she has been supporting in the island in an effort to extend the 'Kingdom of the Lord', in the name of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.  We only spoke to her briefly a few days ago.  Her local in Florida also gives their encouragement to us in this hour of great tribulation and beginning of the New Age, Ethiopia Millennium.
As far as the PRISON MINISTRY, we have an active and on-going church-based ministry in several states and have an evergrowing fellowship of Ras Tafari brothers and even sisters incarcerated are being reach with the WORD OF TRUTH.  This has been our charge and is a sacred duty.  Therefore, it would be good if more Rastafari, who are on the outside, to take a serious and Judeo-Christian based interest in the wellfare of their fellows.  Unfortunately, many who attempt to reach the "lost" are themselves only partially conscious, aware and actively seeking to "practice what they preach".  Yet, I personally know that growth is only possible in and through H.I.M. whom we have to be with and not without.  "Ye can do nothing without me." says our blameless Saviour IYESUS KRISTOS and many are still confused about the simplicity of the Father and Son.  Thus, their labours are without Christos in essence and bound to meet with the fate of the "blind leading the blind".  So, I walk cautiously amongst those who claim to be "Rastafari" and don't know and practice the CHRISTOS of QEDAMAWI HAILE SELLASSIE. 
Concerning the EWF related matters like the pre-amble.  Well, what can we say... We are Patriotic!  Therefore have no problem with the pre-amble.  We find that one place in the Constitution that we would say needs absolutely "no amendment".  However, that's just our democratic vote speaking.  The issue of "white Rastas" is totally ridiculous from the approach of many.  It's like they are more concerned with being "PC" than with comprehending what the pre-amble is actually SAFE-GUARDING.  We should fellowship with all true and faithful Rastafari, white or black.  But the federation serves a different role for "We, the Black Peoples of the world" and if they cannot overstand they cannot rightfully be considered "members." That too, is just my free thought being expressed.  All this reminds me of the children of Israel and the "mixed multitude".  The covenant was given to ISRAEL and not to the mixed multitude that just came along for "our blessing".  As it was in the beginning so it is now. 
Remember brother, that we were talking about these same matters before and I had told you that in the Government of Imperial Ethiopia, faithful gentiles were welcomed as advisors, educators and assistants but never as "members" of the governing body as such.  I think that should be a good example and is a good influence to become enlightened by.  So white Rastas should follow the example of the faithful gentiles that wanted to help and assist in the development of Christian Ethiopia. 
Brother Ronald, we found your e-mail very interesting, timely and informative.  Yes, awo!  Race and Sexuality, if not "orientation" must be openly discussed and reasoned upon.  It reminds us all of the teachings of our Abba, His Imperial Majesty concerning the "Ultimate Challenges" that we are confronted with.  We, for our part, have been doing both scriptural biblical based studies on "Love, Sex and the Bible" as well as much 'pastoral counselling" with many brothers and sisters regarding issues of "sex" and sexuality.  It should be noted that many of us have grown up and become socialized under "Victorian" values of the white supremacists, not to mention distortions and blatant and malicious mis-interpretations of the Bible.  This has caused a certain psychosis that I have observed has attempted to creep into "Rasta" and amongst Rastafarians.  We have held private churchical communion-like gatherings where mature brothers and sisters have grounded on several of these issues extensively. 
Hopefully, we will have a breakthrough enabling us to publish a couple of books, selected translation from the royal Amharic H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE and Rastafari-Black People/Ethiopian based essays regarding these "ultimate issues" that His Imperial Majesty inspires us in intellect and reasoning to accomplish faithfully.  We are currently looking for a few stand up investors to front us the initial costs to cover the printing and publishing of certain manuscripts that cover in more studied detail the subjects we have briefly taught and preached upon over the past 13 years. In the process of such study in search of His Truth, we  have uncovered an entirely more profound and mature perspective of the Holy Word and how that radically challenges many preconceived misconceptions amongst "the brethern"/ Rastafari.  Education is the key.  Study help assure that the "key" both fits and opens the door, both for yourself and others.  Firstly, people need to come out of the closet of ignorance.  Many of our people are functional illiterates.  His Majesty teaches that education helps us to avoid the moral pitfalls of "this life".  So confusion amongst people regarding "sexuality" is just a by-product of that "ignorance" (not knowing).   I have been accused as well because I even address the "hardcore" issues that others hide in the dark. The word says to expose those "deeds" that are done in the dark places of the "uncircumcised hearts".  The following is blunt but health based and each question has a Christos-based answer.  Amazingly, the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit of His Imperial Majesty verfies that Truth, the Goodnews of the "Kingdom of GOD".

WARNING:  THE OPINIONS AND COMMENTS EXPRESSED WITHIN ARE INTENDED TO PROVOKE SERIOUS AND GOD-HONOURING REASONING CONCERNING VITAL ISSUES OF LIFE, LOVE AND OVERALL MORAL HEALTH!!!!   When you mentioned the homo-sexual comments and allegations made to you by the female in the federation, it was interesting that one may assume such based upon what?  From their own preconceived notions or those that may actually have nothing to do with God's own word or even equivalent religiousity, so to speak.  Besides, what are we to say of those innocent children who have been abused, molested, raped and therefore harmfully polarized into thinking and believing that they are to blame, becoming guilty and wounded in their CON-SCIENCE (WITH-KNOWING).  What does so-called 'gay' or lesbian really mean in reality?!  Some think that the Holy Bible doesn't address this, yet it does if we would be faithful and STUDY H.I.M. HOLY BIBLE like the so-called jews study torah, the muslims the qu'ran or the christians the early gospels......   A sister of ours told me that there is even an online "Rasta" like group where certain black males engage in what is termed "down-low" behaviour behind a cloak of "priest-isms"...  These same males say that they don't engage in oral sex with females and publicly "burns battymon" yet that's just a cover-story.  How are we to address these issues for the good of the generations, hopefully, to be born.  It is our responsibility to recognize that THE ALMIGHTY has raised MAN ABOVE THE ANIMALS and endowed us all with INTELLIGENCE and REASONING!   So, may we reason like the TRUE CHURCH is supposed to?  Early Christians or NAZARENES were realist.  They recognized man's "sinful nature" and confronted it.  CHRISTOS had compassion on the so-called HOE and woman that was/is a PRO.  However, he condemned the religious leaders who hide behind an image and don't help the people overcome the "temptations" that happens to all who live life.....  
DISTORTIONS OF LIFE has caused similar distortions in everything that is done "in life".  In the Bible, EVE means LIFE.  So many say that "Life is F*ck'd up!"  Isn't that interesting?!  LIFE = EVE, THE ALLEGED FIRST "WOMB-MAN", MOTHER OF ALL LIVING.  The "fall" began in Man's mind, HIS CON-SCIENCE and his perspective of "LIFE", HIS WIFE, and every thing followed that.   For example:  Is FEMALE CIRCUMCISION a sublime sign of an "undercover" homo-sexuality amongst those that force the practice of cutting off the CLITORIS (a female penis-like member)??  If those women injured by such unscriptural practices become so-called lesbians, who is at fault?  What of MASTERBATION, ANAL and ORAL SEX?  Between a man and a woman is oral or anal sex forbidden? Is it encouraged? What does the law of GOD truly say?  Do you know or do most assume it says something it doesn't?  Is masterbation amongst children a sign of moral depravity?  Is that sinful?  What is a sin?  In whose eyes? Why is it that in most Rasta and reggae culture the only sexual sins are "oral, anal and homosex"?  IS ORAL SEX between a male and a female discouraged because the CLIT resembles a female "penis"?    Does the Anglicization of Black people in the caribbean and the northern countries have anything to do with this VICTORIAN "mind-set"? 
Amongst the school aged Catholic girls who desire to maintain their VIRGINITY, they practice ANAL SEX in order to stay "pure" in that way.  SCHOOL AGED GIRLS now-a-days, studies and surveys recently reported, engage in a lot of ORAL SEX because they don't consider it "sex".  Who is teaching our children?  Most parents are so repressed themselves that they can't discuss even "sexuality" with their own children who learn it in school and SEX-ED.  KINDERGARDEN aged children are now being taught "what it is to be a Gay" and "Homo-sexuality" before they are taught anything else.  What effect does this have on life, morals and values?!    Do we distinguish male homosexuality from so-called sapphism or modern day lesbianic movements?  So of us don't regard homosexuality as just a so-called sexual preference or orientation, as the gentiles do.  Rather, male homosexuality can be considered now-a-days a type of 'religion' or religious philosophy.  This may be hard for some to overstand, at first.  Even the bible in the law of leviticus clearly forbid 'male homosexuality' and further in the prophets blames the moral decay that leads some women to replace the male by the female, as the root causative. 
There are psychological, philosophical and cultural issues are the root of all these that need to be "weeded out" personally as well as congregationally. But as the Word of Truth explains, the people are only as 'honest' as their teachers and leaders.  If the leaders are in the 'closet', such as the clergy that abuse young boys or the man who takes advantage of young girls, including incest based rape, then the people are going to be 'closed' to immediately opening up and addressing the matter.  Nevertheless, it is at the root of the curses that our people are plagued by.  The physician must FIRST heal themselves and them they can be able to cure the 'sick' outside.  We as a people must first DEFINE what we are talking about.  Terms and meanings get confused and the goal of reaching a higher awareness is lost many times when people try and approach certain matters.  If people are truly seeking to FOLLOW THE CHRISTOS of HIS MAJESTY in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, these highly controversial and charged sex-based issues will be able to "GET OUT IN THE OPEN".  Many of us, in one way or another, are sick, possessed or just struggling with some real painful wound....  The problem is when people who need help have become so judgmental themselves of others that they commit "murder/suicide".  First they murder and "burn to death" the alleged sinner without any mercy and then they kill themselves when they find these flaws and shortcomings within themselves.... Hence the bible says that the Sinner/One who misses the Mark of Christos (Grace and Truth) hate themselves when they find sin in themselves.  Do to others what you would have them do to you.  Thats the golden rule, the phi ratio, perfect love and light.
Thanks you, Brother Ronald for having the courage to even bring up and out this.  I have been guided by His Majesty and His living Word to be blessed and trusted to counsel many who have been tempted, tried, tested, experienced situations that threatening the peace of their lost souls.  Some would have almost gone crazy because they were told that they were this or that by people who don't even know themselves.  What a shame and how ungodly to neglect to even comfort such ones in their hour of need, as His Majesty and His Living Christos who gave himself for ones like them and us.  All for the One, and the One is for all of us, in Him and through Him.  To H.I.M. be the Glory!!!  We do need to have a place to fellowship.... And, once again may I remind you all, my brothers and sisters, thats the very role of the Original BETE KRISTIYAN/ House of the Anointed Ones.  They were Anointed to preach, teach and heal.  Therefore they have to be mature, practiced and to some extent have overcome something themselves in order to carry that purified high frequency current of JAH'S SACRIFICIAL LOVE to save a life out of the snares of the diyablos.... 
May brotherly love continue....
Light and Peace,
berhanina selam,
Bro. Yadon
aka Ras Iadonis Tafari