(originally written and published 24TH February 2007)

The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, the 40 Years in the Wilderness & the NEW EXODUS after the 70 years....

1) 2 Timothy 3. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...but out of them all the Lord delivered me. 12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. 13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse...

2) 2 Corinthians 1. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Asia, 1 Cor. 15.32 that we were pressed out of measure, above strength, insomuch that we despaired even of life: 9 but...

Selamta Sisters & Brothers,

Give thanks for all your assistance in getting the word communicated with Rastafari globally. We humbly ask that the following be posted online in the "EWF" section after the last official update. In NYC some people don't recognize that all their arguing and bickering is a repetition of the failures of the ancient Israelites in the wilderness. Therefore, we would like to publish this brief warning to the "tribes" and those whom are vying for position without the qualification jeopardizing the innocent BLACK peoples of the world.WE HAVE OVERCOME and will prove it very soon....Yet, its not a hopeless message we proclaim in Qedamawi Haile Selassie name, it is a cautionarylesson.....to learn our lesson from the israelites and their wasted 40 years wandering around the same ol' rock.... an 11 day journey took 40 years!!!

Just think beloved, from Dr. Gladstone Robinson's appointed by the undisputed Executive Council of 1967 officially to now, February 2007 is exactly 40 years!!! So this message is a timely one cos time ah go run out fi dem who keep bowing to babylon shitstem and mubble jumble false "courts".... WE ARE DEFENDANTS of the FAITH and KINGDOME of the KING OF KINGS..... We also have tried to faithfully reconcile and work mutuallywith all these and those "EWF" folk in NYC and only a faithful REMNANT have overstood, joined the LOJ LOCAL NO. 33and now stand with our official legal subsidiary of the parent entity and our appointment. Can you believe some of them who don't even have a subsidiary chartered local yetthey represent the organization?Just because you have a US Constitution doesnt make you a US Citizen. Not all English people are consider British.... We have to remember that not all "black people" are members if they can't honour the Divine Heritage and Integrity that the organization represents. Its about "order" not chaos.... If they hadbeen obedient and worked with the authorized Elder and been given "authority" and the ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE, not vain sentiment,they would not be so "locked up" in babylon courts asking the gentilesany favours.... Can't we decide for ourselves?! So, they take ini and anyone who is legit a local to court?BLESSED ARE WE WHEN WE ARE PERSECUTED FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE (because we did it the right way, not following the blind leaders.... of the blind!~)

We NOW need to re-publish the following so that all may know that His Imperial Majesty has sent ini for a real purpose of fulfillment of prophecy and TIMEWILL TELL!!!

The good thing that we can report with REJOICING AND MUCH JOY is that the Elders and the Youngers have seen eye to eye and in 21 days of certification more successful work was accomplished that in many years of petty disputes and related set-backs. We as a legal subsidiary local and our sister locals will not wait around for an isolated group of disaffected so called "members" and wanna-be "officers" to try to grap the 'top' job when so much FOUNDATIONAL and GROUNDATIONAL WORK, the true "LABOUR OF LOVE", must be done. So as you are able and willing to do, publish the following under "EWF" related to LOJ LOCAL NUMBER 33 and Our Resolution of disassociation with backwardness.....

Love to you and your loved one, Blessed sister!
Build up the Local level and the head will follow!!!
....Foundation before the Capstone!

Light and peace,
Ras Iadonis Tafari
LOJ Local No. 33


Selamta, Greetings!

Tena YisTilign,
May GOD give you all Good Health!

The EWF, Incorporated& the 40 Years in the Wilderness of North America, Caribbean, Central & S. Americas!
EWF Essay by Ras Iadonis Tafari - pres. of LOJ (Grand Lodge) Local 33 Numbers 32. The Holy Bible: King James Version.

...13 And the LORD's anger was kindled against Israel, and he made them wander in the wilderness forty years, until all the generation, that had done... Numbers 14. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...But as for you, your carcasses, they shall fall in this wilderness. 33 And your children shall wander in the wilderness forty years, Acts 7.36 and bear your whoredoms,...

The real question that we are addressing and seeking the true and faithful answers for is: WHY HAVE WE WANDERED IN THE WILDERNESS OF NORTH AMERICA, THE CARIBBEAN, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS?

In fulfilling our constitutional responsibilities to our respective legal subsidiary EWF Local, the "Lion of Judah" (LOJ Local 33), and the EWF membership in general, we are hereby outlining and defining the basic agenda that has been agreed and decided upon by our constituents in the Federation. "Happy Western New Year 2007!" to all whom that means anything to. We, on the other hand, recognize that now we only have about nine to ten months, the period between conception and giving "birth" till the NEW MILLENNIUM, Ethiopian New Year 2007 (which is the actual year 2000 since the time of the Messiah Christ). This year has at least three (3) important and prophetic dates/ sign posts to acknowledge and act upon accordingly. Firstly, February 2007 is the "40th year" since the official organization of 1967 appointed Dr. Gladstone Robinson extraordinary powers and responsibilities regarding our collective Land Grant, i.e. Inheritance. Secondly, August 2007 marks the 70th anniversary of the formation and incorporation of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated. The numbers "40" and "70" are both significant in scriptural as well as historical and prophetical terms. We have begun to detail the relationship between them and the EWF elsewhere. All who are interested in such Ethiopian Millennial studies should make an effort to request being placed upon our local's mailing list by e-mailing <ewf1937@aol.com> and or calling our New York offices at: (718) 573-0723.

Thirdly, and most importantly, September 11th of 2007 marks the official start of the "New Millennium", i.e. Ethiopian New Year (True 2000)! As all should know and be aware of, the issue of the "new age" and "new millennium" is one of the significant themes of the Prophets of old and the purpose and intent of the New Testaments teaching of the "Kingdom of God" and the "Kingdome of the Heavens". We also have created a series of audio CDs and are in the beginning stages of recording and editing documentaries videos to dissemminate these earthshaking realities from the Ethiopian (Chosen people) point-of-view. In light of these three (3) significant events and "timelines" it behoves and moves us to act according to the all-encompassing seriousness of this truth, the "half of the story" untold.... 'Till Now!

This official EWF communication therefore is from the brooklyn based LOJ local monthly report of December 2006/ January 2007. This also serves as a follow-up written response and record of prior EWF related monthly communications, calls and conversations with various EWF named parties involved in ongoing litigation, reconciliation attempts, current negotiations and disputed "court case" matters, i.e. 'certification issue'. We would like hereby to acknowledge some of our fellow EWF members and beloved brothers, Lelond York (Gabre Sellassie), Orville Morris (Ras Gad Haile Sellassie), Ras Makonnen Adane Tadesse and Ras Ronald Pennycooke (Gabre Mariam) for their present attempts to foster better working relations between our respective executives and our EWF Locals. However, the only affirmative communication that we have noted and received from the current plaintiffs has been from the "International Organizer", sister Ivory Black representative. However, it has come to our attention that the disputed 2006 alleged "duly elected" Bronx/ Sundial local "International officers" have recently inserted themselves erroneously into the formerly dismissed judicial proceedings, i.e. prior flawed "show cause". Our informed views seriously differ from most of the zealous and emotionally charged chatter that occupies most of debate surrounding the Federation and what needs to be done, especially on the internets. Most have willingly or ignorantly paid little attention to our thorough investigation, informed and operative intelligence coupled with the evidence, legal authority received and duly acted upon Constitutionally since February 2003. We, however, remain faithful and fully encouraged that more, better and consistently honest communication will help us all to see the "mote in your eye" and unify our EWF organization within the coming months of the New Millennium.

Nevertheless, our duly elected and legally authorized responsibilities only allow us but so much opportunity and availability to fulfill our complete objective of EWF Reconciliation activities with the disputants bearing false charges against our names in the present United State Judicial system. We have written much concerning these EWF matters, both rebuking as well as exhortations to the only proper procedure to fully unify the organization. Our counsel and advice has fallen on deaf ears as the present disunity accurately testifies to.

Many are rashly making hasty decisions in the "EWF" name which adversely has, and presently continues to, affect us all as "Federation" and Ethiopia's integrity, our divine heritage. One clear example of this is the ongoing Court case and disputes which can only be resolved within the sphere of the EWF Constitution & By-Laws based upon the accurate intelligence related to the 1967 power-of-attorney (poa) appointment and Shashemene Administration legally and constitutionally assigned to our beloved elder, Dr. Gladstone Robinson, nearly 40 years ago.

Our prior EWF related recommendations submitted to "We, the Black Peoples of the World" in the form of e-mails, web pages and ewf online groups since our authorized co-appointment to the EWF-POA administration in 2003 provides the best and most informed basis to unify all the disperse and separately incorporated "EWF" named entities, locals, members et al. Our constitution provides that each registered local composed of at least 25 members has the duty to resolve internal organization disputes via the Complaints and Grievance Cmte. This is the first constitutional step that must be done, in writing, in order to address and remedy questionable issues. It is a shame that we are able to only "go on the record" when we end up in a US Court case and not within our community of EWF locals and members according to the Constitution & By-Laws. This is the reason why we have been calliing for an amicable agreement to "collectively dismiss" the court case and begin amongst ourselves to present our facts, information, findings as well as complaints and grievances to our respective cmtes constitutionally authorized to address those matters. We sin and err when we go to the Gentile/ Goy courts to resolve and remedy a matter that we haven't begun to collectively address within the spirit of the constitution & by-laws. 1 Corinthians 6. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...Do any of you, having a matter against another ('Show Cause' case...), go to law before the unjust (Gentile based US Courts), and not before the saints (Holy Ones of Ras Tafari)? 2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the...

The LOJ Local Number Thirty-Three (33) will publish its 2007 duly elected and appointed Executive Cmte. as well as our constitutionally based elections of December 2006 which was delayed by the sudden visitation of our EWF Shashamene elder, Dr. Gladstone Robinson last November 2006. During the interim time we are happy to announce several meetings, such as that of brothers and elders, Pennycooke and Robinson concluding in an historic reconciliation and cooperation agreement still awaiting final signing and ratification. Sister Deborah E. Walters of the former Local 13 of Conn. has also been in communications with the LOJ Local and an interview with Dr. Robinson is currently in the planning stages. Due to the imminent Holy Day of LIDETE KRISTOS (Birth of the Christ) on the 7th of January various contingencies are being considered however no final itinieary has been decided upon. We are currently receiving all EWF related requests for meetings/ gatherings as well as written invitations listing the detailed items to be discussed or events to be scheduled during the remaining time of Dr. Robinson's US-EWF visit before his return to Ethiopia within the next month or so.

Our resolution regarding the current court case is known and has been outlined in detail. The "official dismissal" of the skewed and flawed proceedings is a prerequisite of a firm and lasting reconciliation and desired unity of the Federation. We have unanimously decided in committee to work collectively with all EWF parties, members and locals et al that comply to this official request and are willing to establish an historic and legally binding coalition Executive Council of 2007 certified by the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated's legal and authorized "power of attorney" who was appointed by the Executive Council of 1967. Its been nearly 40 years of wandering in the wilderness for "We, the Black Peoples of the World..." as the Holy Bible is prophetically witnessing this in "spirit and truth" to us and the world. How can we accept what a US Court may or may not decide, rightly or wrongly, and then turn our backs on what our ancestors decided already for our good? Can we not accept the wisdom of the Executive Council of 1967 which was never doubted or questioned regarding "legality" while we are still wandering in the wilderness disobediently?

Advice to all EWF Chaplains and local Executive cmte to read and study carefully, faithfully and diligently the Book of Deuteronomy Chapter Eight (8) entitled "A Good Land (Shashemene, Ethiopia) to be Inherited". One generation may have almost 'lost' the land granted by His Imperial Majesty through ignorance, envy or error.... However, in faith that works by love we all, as the "Black Peoples of the World" have the opportunity NOW to gain and reclaim our inheritance because its impossible for the word of His Imperial Majesty to fail in Yesus Kristos, Our Saviour. We must make these next 9 to 10 months a period of "rebirth" or "regeneration". We must be BORN AGAIN.... The NEW MILLENNIUM is for the NEW BORNS! Did not Iyesus Kristos say that in the "last days" our redemption would be like a "woman giving birth.... in pain.... and with tribulation...."? However, remember the WORD of GOD concerning us.... Joy comes in the Morning! Our Joy will come in the New Millennium. Don't allow negative and unfaithful people to confuse or deceive you about what is going on right now. Its a spiritual cleansing, a new birth, the Ethiopian Renaissance which we prophecied to you all nearly 7 years ago before and after the "syzygy"! Don't you all remember? These last 7 years were necessary to stimulate an awareness of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated and our "Emmanuel", Dr. Malaku E. Bayen. Many people, some who are no longer in the land of the living, assumed that the "EWF" was a thing of the past... They were wrong! Now, they are gone. We pray that Our Father and His Christ has mercy on their souls. However, we have both the "time and opportunity", if we are willing to make our wills obedient, to address and resolve our differences. We, for our part, have already begun the process along with other courageous and great in spirit co-members willing to face the "Ultimate Challenge" our Father warned us all of years ago. Isaiah 1. The Holy Bible: King James Version.
...judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. 18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;...

May the Peace and Grace of Our Father, QEDAMAWI HAILE SELLASSIE in the name of YESUS KRISTOS be with the Faithful who are called according to His Purpose.

Light and Peace,
Ras Iadonis Tafari,
President, LOJ (Grand Lodge) Local 33

Tehetena Girma,
Secretariat/ Wo. Aux, LOJ (Grand Lodge) Local 33

Dr. Gladstone Robinson,
Executive/ Board of Directors
(since 1967 - present) www.EthiopianWorldFederation.org
LOJ (Grand Lodge) Local 33
& Sister Locals/ Susidiaries

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