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Traditional Ethiopian Scarf / Shash (Tallit)   Beautiful Ethiopian Scarves, Shawls, Netela, Tallit
This Traditional Scarf/Shawl is hand made with 100% pure Ethiopian hand woven cotton by traditional Ethiopian Weavers known as "Shemane". It has a beautiful and unique large Ethiopian Custom wide borders with fringed ends.  There are also a few thin stripes throughout the fabric. 

Traditionally this scarf or shawl is worn to cover ones head during prayer.  Today these scarves and shawls are also worn to cover ones head when going outside as a sign of modesty or worn as a modern style scarf or shawl and other types of ways for daily activities such as waist tie or even a wrap at the beach.  They are versatile, perfect to wear for any occasions and absolutely gorgeous. These beautiful scarves and shawls are simple to wear and designed for comfort. Wear it with pride.

Price:  $250.00 For One Dozen - 12 Ethiopian Scarves

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