The Ethiopian-Hebrew Prayer of the Faith

as translated from the Original Ethiopic Hebrew by Ras Iadonis Tafari for the Lion of Judah Society of His Imperial Majesty and the Mi'minan (the Faithful Ones) -

ATTENTION STUDENTS & DISCIPLES: Read the forward & comparison translation of the Roman Catholic so-called "Creedo".  Learn how the Ethiopian-Hebrew version of the Apostolic Creedo maintains the faithful language of the true faith once delivered for all.



In the One Source, In the Sustainer of the Light of the First-Born Chosen Nation (Igzee'Abher), the ABB, the Fore-Father who holds the Entirety, the All, who created the Sky and the Land, the One who is Seen and the One who is Not Seen, We Admit as The Truth.

Before the World was created, the One who was with Him, the One Son of the ABB, the Fore-Father, In the One who is the One Sovereign Master, In EYYESUS KRISTOS, We admit as the Truth. From Light that is found of Light, From the True Source that is found of the True Source, the One who was Born, Not created, In His essence equal with the ABB, the Fore-Father, All in Him became, From that which is in the Sky, And From that which is in the Earth, Without Him there is nothing no matter whatever (in existence).

Because of us, concerning people (humanity), He saves Us descending from the Sky, By way of the Act of the Holy Breath, From the Holy Virgin Maryam a Perfect Human being became.

And also, because of us He was hung (lynched; 'crucified'), In PenTenawiw PeelaTos' regime He received tribulation, He died, He was buried. 

On the third day, He was raised up separating from the Dead persons, According to that which is written in the Holy Scriptures (the Books).  In Honour (Glory), In Praise (Thanksgiving) towards the Sky He ascended.

And at His Father's right hand He is seated, And Again In Praise (Thanksgiving) He is coming.

On the Living and One the Dead to Judge.

And for His Government (His Kingdome) there is No completion (perfection).

In the Holy Breath, We admit the Truth. And He, the Sovereign-Master GETA gives the Life which emanates from the ABB, the Fore-Father.  With the ABB and with the WELD (First-Born Son), In Oneness we prostrate to Him, We praise (give thanksgiving) Him. And He Himself dwelling in the NEBIYAT, the prophets is spoken.

And Above All, In the One Honourable, Glorious House of the Anointed Ones (Kristeeyan) which the Hawaryat built, We Admit.

In that which is (atonement for)/ atones for KhaT'at (the missing the mark; called "sin"), In the One Self-Immersion (Timqet), We admit as the Truth.

And We hope for and expect the raising u p of the Dead Ones And the LIFE which comes, the World without end, the Lezelle'Alemu, AmEn (the Faithful and True Witness, the beginning of the Creation of the Sustainer of the Light of the First-Born Chosen Nation).

Am-meyn: I Admit. The Faithful And True Witness. 

(Revelation 3:14 - Golden Mean Ratio)


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