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We therefore humbly apologize for this inaccuracy in our last brief summary report, "EWF Update 8/11/2007 - Follow-up and EWF Update to "Goodnews from the Homefront."  In that last update we incorrectly reported the upcoming celebration for the Crown Prince's birthday date as " the October 10th 2007" instead of AUGUST 16TH 2007, this coming Thursday/Hamus, the correct date!  However, as previously reported, this royal and imperial event is still to be held at the official Shashemene Land Grant HQ's under the administration of Dr. Gladstone Robinson and on his compound.  There are expected at least one thousand invited guests and members of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.  Our Crown Prince, H.I.H. ZARA YACOB ASFA WOSSEN, will be cordially celebrating his 51st birthday with the Shimagle (elder), Gladstone Robinson, the official administrator of the land grant since 1967. May the Crown Prince and the Royal Family forgive us, the LOJ Local Thirty-Three (33) and I, Ras Iadonis Tafari, for our mistake, typographical and dating error.  Kindly, continue to encourage, fund and support the official Shashemene Land Grant Headquarters, the Special Development programmes and projects, the newly-elected Executive Council 2007/08 and the web-based outreach activities, namely: www.EthiopianWorldFederation.org and sister-site: www.EthiopianWorldFederation.com

New Millennium Preparations, Special Programmes, Projects, The Official Land Grant HQ & The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated:
The Unity Call In Progress....
(A Follow-up and EWF Update to "Goodnews from the Homefront")

A brief summary special report by Ras Iadonis Tafari,

president of LOJ Local Thirty-Three (33), www.EthiopianWorldFederation.org

August 11th 2007, Brooklyn, NEW YORK - Ethiopia, SHASHEMENE Long Distance Call:  Selamta, Tena YisTilign to the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated from Lion of Judah Local Thirty-Three (33).... Again, we have received blessed news from Ethiopia and the official Land Grant HQ Resident Administrator, Dr. Gladstone Robinson early this morning.  Apparently, he was desirous to communicate with the local Federation executives and members here and the family of the Ethiopian World!!! A NEW DAY... A NEW AGE!!!  We were eager to return Brother Robinson's initial call from a couple of days ago and had the pleasure to briefly speak to his young son, Prince MikaEl, affectionately called "Miki!" (pronounced 'Mee-kee')  The youth politely told us, in perfect Amharic, that his father, the shimagle (elder) and one of the very first of the original Shashemene Pioneer Settlers (an EWF committee), had gone to town to the local Firid Bet, or Judgement House that is to say, the Court House to continue to officially prosecute the pending legal case for the Federation and the land grant in particular.  There are also many special projects that had been delayed over the years by the various governmental and internal structural adjustments attempted by the Ethiopian people in their exercise of "freewill" and democracy, by their old and new governments and also by the local people who co-inhabit the land.  Once again, gradually, some progress has again commenced, namely, the Land Grant Authority, various Collective Community & Business Investment Initiatives, and now the "Oromia School of Pharmacy."  Local fundraising, financial and technical support is needed in this Medical Unit and Sick Committee based outreach project.  New pages are now being prepared to be disseminated once fact checked and approved.  The official license is available for review and has been granted by the Federal officials and confirmed by the Shashemene local authorities and community.  It is now the main aim and objective to secure the pending funding necessary to establish such a vital and timely project in light of the lack of medicines and the AIDS/ HIV epidemic that still threatens many innocent lives across Africa, especially the poor and uneducated populations of Ethiopia.

MUTUAL SALUTATIONS.... The Ethiopian Cultural Way!
After a few rings of the telephone, a beautiful voice was heard on the other side of the speaker, "Halo!"  "Selamta, Selam... Tena Yistilign!  Endemin Nachihu?  Dehna Nachihu?!!!"  It was Imabet Yeshi, the wife of Gladstone on the line.  We exchange mutual salutations in the customary Ethiopian Amharic-based way.  We asked about her and the family giving a praise to the God of Ethiopia and His Christos.  Our loyalist and royalist peoples are mostly of the ancient Ethiopian culture and their divine heritage is Judeo-Christian in nature.  Therefore, it is always a good practice to invoke the blessings and protection of the God of Ethiopia, IGZI'ABHER and His Christos: Iyesus Kristos.  Nevertheless, due to time constraints of the distance call, we asked for the Balebet, or Head of the House. "Dr. Gladstone Allu?" I said with a slight rise in my voice questioning, meaning "Is he there?"  She told me to wait for a moment and went to call him.  When he came on the line we again exchanged heartical greetings in a slight mixture of Amharic and Rastafari psaltery.  Then, we got to the business of the call.

"Why did you come to Ethiopia (in the first place)?"

Brother Robinson dutifully informed us of the challenges and minor problems that have surfaced since our last communication.  Namely the recent case of a repartee, a brother named "Kassa" and his wife from the Caribbean who allegedly was arrested because of disrespect to the locals, namely the Ethiopian authorities and resident peoples in general.  There appeared to be some sort of lack of "honor" on the part of the couple and slander directed against the common people to the point that other residents were said to ask, "Why did you come to Ethiopia (in the first place)?"  Once again, sadly, it seemed more than obvious that here were another set of over zealous but poorly and ill-informed so-called "repartees" who had left "Babylon" gone homeward to "Zion" unprepared and "not ready."  They spent at least three (3) days in a local jail and the wife was charged with physically assaulting the police.  Others are still attempting to use the "ganja" trade as a means of gain instead of investing in more progressive ventures and business arrangements of mutual benefit to themselves and their fellow citizens.   At this I thought again about the necessity for "the dissemination of our ancient Ethiopian culture" amongst the membership.   Otherwise, many of our "bredren and sistren" get really confused and disappointed when they attempt to "go home" without adequate training, preparations, accurate knowledge and a general lack of application of the principles of "our divine heritage."  His Majesty teaches us that "Language is the key of culture!"  Some of our people still think that "all police" are "babylon" because they are so "disoriented" and need to really "turn to the East" in "spirit and in truth."  That was the most urgent news to communicate to other hopeful returnees to prepare themselves for a "new world" and to leave the "old world" of babylon in the North countries and the former colonies.

Teleconference Scheduled: Ethiopia & New York!

In regards to important Federation business, Gladstone informed us that Brother Tagass (A.R. King) had called him earlier to meet and conduct a "long distance" teleconference with the "Special Convention 2007" newly elected International President Empress Ima Ethiopia (Ms. Ima Young) and members of her executive council.  We were very glad to hear that because it assist all of us in building the necessary bridges vital to the progressive developments into the New Millennium.  It is not just "a day", it's 1,000 years we must remember and act on for the betterment of the entire Ethiopian Nation, the African continent and all peace loving humanity in general. 

Hosted By Dr. Robinson at Headquarters, Ethiopia with at least one thousand guests, members and friends expected.... We hope to be there!  Awon! There is great news regarding the upcoming birthday of the H.I.H. Crown Prince, Zer'A Ya'Iqob Asfa-Wossen, the Heir-Apparent at the Shashemene Land Grant HQ Local and the Black Lion Museum founded by Brother Robinson shortly after his official appointment in 1967.  Brother Robinson told us that at least 1,000 persons, members and invited guests are supposed to attend the August 16th event to be held at his offices, the museum and the official residence compound just after the Ethiopian Millennium celebrations.  Therefore, several preparations were underway and we pledged to do what we could to get the word out and fundraising support in to the Federation community on the land grant.  He was also quite happy about hearing of progress being made in the West with the special conventions however, the real joy we hear was about being given the honour to host such a prestigeous and imperial function on the original Federation land grant headquarters coupled with the acknowledgement of the importance to the Crown Prince and Royal Family of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated. However, there are certain elements that are very displeased that such royal recognition is once again being given to the EWF and have continued their efforts to "crucify" the organization and key leading officials, especially Dr. Gladstone Robinson and legal executives in the West.  We humbly remind the disagreeable members and locals that it was the late H.I.H. Tegnaye Work Haile-Sellassie that had personally requested that brother Robinson, the chairman of the African Repatriation Committee of the EWF be sent to the United States of America to officially coordinate with the then Executive Council of the organization to protect, promote and develop the land grant and encourage viable repatriations from the States and the Caribbean through the legal means both in 1967 and recently a few years ago before her passing into blessed memory.  Therefore, the assistance and support of the Crown Prince at this present time must make His royal aunt glad and our Father, H.I.M. HAILE SELASSIE I delighted in the consistency of the legal and authorized process to date.  The last thirty-three (33) years of Ethiopia's history and the changes that Blacks of the West have endured have not broken the integrity of the prophetic purposes of the Almighty but rather strengthened the faithful membership in it's resolve to overcome.

SHASHEMENE LOCAL Community Police Station To Open Soon!

In order to create an atomsphere of peace and security to the residents and visitors on the Land Grant, the local Shashemene Police have been officially invited to establish a post and given the keys to open shortly. The main aim of this development had previous been discussed with the concerned members and executives of the LOJ Local 33 during Dr. Robinson's past visits, since 2003 and was resolved by a quorum working on the logistics in committee, legally and constitutionally.  After the past assaults and other related "death threats" against the legal authority of the EWF on the land measures were drafted to prevent an all out "wild west" atmosphere on the Blessed Land.  Therefore, it was deemed necessary to strengthen our own form of law and order enlisting the help of the proper authorities.  A local police station working alongside the SLG HQ, the Royalists and faithful federation families is both long overdue and a prerequisite to the development of either a "Model City" or a "model community."  The business districts are being expanded and the residential areas also are opening up to developers within the Federation community at an increasing pace.  We are all very happy and pray for the peace and prosperity of Emma Ethiopia!

New Video Documentary about the EWF & Role of Afro-Americans....

Shashemene Local HQ and resident Black Lion Museum videographer, Ato Negussie, has completed an interview and documentary regarding the African-American and Ethiopian-American contribution and key role in the establishment and maintaining of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.  It's expected release has anticipated responses ranging from overwhelming support and interest to less positive feedback from certain constituents in the Jamaica and Twelve Tribe community.  The later have been said to be reeling and discomforted from the Crown Prince's official support and newly formed active relationship and role in the Shashemene Local Headquarters, particularly his enthusiastic backing of the legally authorized administrator and staff.  The upcoming birthday celebration on August 16, 2007 at the SLG HQ compound and residence of Dr. Gladstone Robinson is expected to have at least 1,000 quests and members from several parts of the Diaspora and the national community. His Imperial Highness will be 51 years of age and we pray for his health and lawful succession as it was prophecied by Our God-Father: QEDAMAWI HAILE SELLASSIE (I).

Lastly, certain members of the local federation community, such as Ras David Lumumba, along with Dr. Robinson wanted us to inform the membership and newly elected that they look forward to the proposed teleconference call this Sunday after their return from the mineral baths and hotsprings at Wonda Genet. It is written in the Holy book to sanctify (make holy) and cleanse, "...with the washing of Water by the Word..." in Ephesians 5:26 in part concerning this Eternal purification and preparation for newness of life.  And Our Messiah, the True Master, also said to us all that, "...Ye must be born again!"  Amen.

"What answer shall I give my people?"

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