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LOJ Amharic Graphics & Translation Service For Individuals and Companies.  Amharic Translation You Can Trust!

LOJ Translations is ideal for individuals, small and large businesses. We're the affordable & reliable place to get your Amharic Graphics or Translations. Your most important choice when selecting a translation service, to handle your translation, is trust.  You probably don't speak Amharic yourself, so there are a few questions you'll need to consider when choosing a translation company.

  • How do you know the company you're using haven't just picked a lot of words from a dictionary and handed them back?

  • How can you be sure your text has the same meaning when translated into Amharic?

A Few Facts About Amharic                 Amharic (Amarinya in Amharic) is the national language of Ethiopia. Millions of Ethiopians who live abroad use it to communicate. The demand for Amharic language translators has increased here in Australia, USA, Europe and other western countries because of the continuous migration of Ethiopians.
                                                         Amharic has a unique Ethiopic syllabary known as Fidel. Fidel is used to write Amharic and Tigrinya (another Ethiopian language). Fidel has 33 basic characters and each character has seven vowel tone forms.

Q. How does Amharic read?
A. Amharic reads from left to right.
Q. Do you do derivatives/dialects or different fonts?
A. No we use standard Amharic in the one font as shown.

For a look at the Amharic Alpha bet characters of the Fidel and how to easily learn them with Sound & Graphics, then just click below:

Learn the Amharic Alpha betLearn the Amharic Alpha bet. Also available is the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Version of Our Father Prayer in Amharic with Audio click here:

Our Father Prayer in Amharic.

The sounds are recorded for you to practice and easily read along and get used to the sounds of Amharic Fidel Letter characters and words with the help of English transliteration along with the Amharic text. These Lessons should be used as a simple guide to Learn  Basic Amharic & Bible only. Please email us your feedback or suggestions.

The Lion of Judah Society offers translations from Amharic into English and from English into Amharic.

  • Translations
  • Subtitles
  • Voice overs
  • Website translations
  • Transcription of films
  • Transcription of audio recordings

All LOJ translators are accredited and have extensive experience in translating and interpreting in Amharic and English languages.

For more detailed information about our services, please check LOJ Translation Services.

You can also submit your query via the online form.

Companies and government departments that have used services offered by our translators in Australia & overseas include:

  • The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Churches Globally
  • (EWF) & its Subsidiaries
  • H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I Theocracy Order Of the Nyabinghi, Inc. (Binghi)
  • The Twelve Tribes of Israel Organization (TTI)
  • Ethiopia Black Africa International Congress (Bobo Shanti)
  • Department of Information 
  • Publishers, Universities
  • Universities Globally
  • Government departments

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