Merchandise of Ethiopia & of Sheba Fundraising Products!
About the IT'S ETHIOPIAN! line of Traditional Clothing & Products For Fundraising

Welcome to Merchandise of Ethiopia, an online fundraising gift shop of LOJSociety.Org in Brooklyn, New York.

* Our Products are for Fundraising Efforts to Help better assist the Ethiopian Orphans, Homeless Children and Senior Citizen communities that we represent and support with our business. 

Our Gift Shop is filled with Traditional Ethiopian-Hebrew Cultural Items. We are here to introduce Ethiopian-Judaic Clothing & Products to the Global Community.

Before Merchandise of Ethiopia!, Holy Day and Traditional Ethiopian-Hebrew Clothing for women, children and men was sadly limited to non-themed, secular items of appropriate colors. How many of you have searched for a green, yellow and red Ethiopian dress for yourself or little ones amongst a sea of red, white and blue all year round??

Search no more! Merchandise of Ethiopia & of Sheba! provides the clothing for the solution. Our current clothing line is unique, distinctive, and versatile. We offer high quality clothing made from Ethiopian-Hebrew Judaic-themed Hand Woven fabrics and embroidery. Because these dresses and other products are Ethiopian-Judaic-themed in general and not holyday-specific they can be worn throughout the year to church, Amharic/Hebrew school, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, or other Ethiopian-Hebrew events and they are made for comfort.

The traditional-style design makes them highly versatile. They are perfect for Senbet/Shabbat/Sabbath, Timket, or other Ethiopian- Hebrew Holyday.

All hand made so please allow for slight variations in size and pattern when ordering.

About Merchandise of Ethiopia

It's ETHIOPIAN! Merchandise of Ethiopia & of Sheba is pleased to offer Traditional Ethiopian-Hebrew-themed clothing and accessories for Women, Children and Men. Our products are the same line of products where the great Kings and Queens of Africa/Ethiopia used to wear.

Our specialty is offering the community these gorgeous Ethiopian garments and accessories at an affordable wholesale prices for personal wear or retail sale.  These comfortable and quality products are made by hand  and the cotton is woven by traditional Ethiopian weavers. Such as the "NeTela," the traditional Ethiopian shawl, the "Buna Qemis" the traditional Ethiopian “coffee dress” - worn usually during the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, “Ethiopian formal wear” (for men and women) - for Holy Feasts, formal affairs, church, gatherings or weddings, and pure cotton overcoats – casual, trendy wear for brisk weather. We also carry a full line of Ethiopian clothing for men, including formal wear and casual men's tops and jackets.

Our web site features many items that are available for wholesale. However, each item is unique because they are handmade and an exact item as in the pictures may not be available. If such is the case, we usually have very close substitutes. Substitutes usually have slight variations in color or pattern etc.

We take orders from across the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Japan, Russia and Australia. Merchandise of Ethiopia has been in business for 8 years and we are experts in suggesting items for all Holy  occasions.

* Our Products are for Fundraising Efforts to Help better assist the Ethiopian Orphans, Homeless Children and Senior Citizen communities that we represent and support with our business.

We suggest to all our fellow brothers and sisters who desire to order less than a wholesale dozen to perhaps form a purchasing group with others likeminded in your community who may also be interested.  We hope to be able in the future to receive special “retail” orders.  

If you have any questions or comments, please email

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