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The Project for the New
Ethiopian Millenium (PNEM2007)
based upon 2005 Local Resolutions - Trans. Exec. Cmtes. (briefing materials)

EWF Legal Exec. Cmte.

(sponsored by LOJ Local 33)
(sponsored by AOM Local 31)

EWF Millennium Board of Directors/EWF Principals:

Dr. Malaku E. Bayen, Our Patron-Saint

Ras Iadonis Tafari, LOJ Local Pres. (Power-of-Attorney)
Tehetena Girma, RCS (Power-of-Attorney)
Dr. Gladstone Robinson, EWF Senior Power-of-Attorney (since 1967)
Fanaye Murray, AOM Local Pres.
Genet Getachew, Esq. EWF-US LOJ local Attorney & Counsel

Our Goals in the 5 Year Plan
of the New Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated:

1. Prosperity of the Country
2. The Riches of the People
3. The Development of Agriculture
4. Commerce and Trade
5. Education and Learning
6. Protection of Life and Resources
7. Modern Administration of the EWF

The New EWF and the 5 Year Plan: The Project

Our initial projects address and respond to the most urgent and emergency needs of  Ethiopia and our people in the crisis areas of HIV Outreach, Improved Irrigation systems and most importantly, Sustainable Farming and Agriculture in a 5 Year Plan that aims to correct the abuses of the past and repair the breach between Ethiopians at home and their African American and Rastafarian supporters who are registered members in the United States and globally that are rallying to Ethiopia again in this her hour of need.

Restoration of the EWF "Land Grant" Authority

Additionally, the restoration of the "Land Grant" authority based on the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated's 1967 Shashamane Resolution and Appointment to Dr. Gladstone Robinson, the official Shashamane Land Grant Administrator appointed by the EWF and confirmed by successive Ethiopian governments to the present.  Dr. Gladstone Robinson is the EWF's Power-Of-Attorney, EWF's Land Grant Administrator since 1967, the 1st African-American physician and also founded Shashamane's 1st school.   The recent 2003 Resolution is one example of modern administration in the new EWF in appointing additional Legal Representatives according to Our constitution (Art. 1 Sec. 7) and By-Laws in order to further guarantee that all activities done in the Organization's name is Legal and Constitutional.  These Legal and Registered Agents of the new EWF are Weyzero Tehetena Girma and Ras Iadonis Tafari who are also Executive Directors of the official entity.

Come!  May we work in ways that will again be beneficial to the people of Ethiopia and to our general membership by establishing in Our Federation a government which will protect the name, aims and objects of Our Ethiopian Commonwealth.

The Project for the Ethiopian Millenium

The New EWF's "Project for the Ethiopian Millenium" will require industry, unity and joint co-operation of our legal representatives in the US as well as Ethiopia.  We seek to accomplish the above mentioned goals in our 5 Year Plan by our deeds now and in the future, and not in word only.  Our official representatives must establish good working relationships with yours.  Our EWF Units and committees, such as the Medical Unit which oversees the SHARP project, must be able to have direct communications with the Ethiopian ministries concerned with the same.  We have many EWF volunteers with professional skills and experience willing to spend from 6 months to one year or more giving valuable time and assistance in any area of the country that may have need of such service.

The first step is clarity of the facts.   Secondly, accountability for the past, honesty in the present and co-operation for the future to meet our common goals...  As Ethiopians at home and abroad.

As the saying goes, "Ye Ager Rist Sew, Ke Shi Ametu, Wede Ristu", A person who has an inheritance is entitled to it even after a 1,000 year absence.  Thus, the restored EWF's "The Project for the Ethiopian Millenium" is critical now more than ever.

Please unite with us as allies in eternal friendship and amity in order that we as Ethiopians, at home and abroad, may stand against all enemies which are rising and oppressing humanity. We hope and pray that you consider us as brothers, sisters and friends.  May we show one another kindness and consideration.  May the God of Ethiopia and His Christ be our witness.

Ras Iadonis Tafari,
EWF Exec. Cmte. Chairman
(718) 573-0723

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